Maestro IT Services, LLC

Maestro IT Services provides custom rate plans depending on the type of project and the needs of our clients. Our pricing is competitive with other quality service providers. We also offer elevated priority and emergency services.

Our web hosting plans start at only $5 per month, which is a great way to establish your presence on the Internet. For existing sites, we offer standard plans from $10 to $50 per month, including ample storage space and bandwidth, unlimited POP3/IMAP e-mail addresses, webmail access with shared calendars and to-do lists, spam & anti-virus protection, mailing lists, databases, and FTP access at no additional charge. We also offer custom plans if you have larger or more unique requirements. Our servers are physically located at top-tier secure facilities in the Atlanta area, and we provide hardware redundancy, guaranteed power and network connectivity, and data backups to ensure your site's reliability.

Please contact us for more details. If you are interested in web hosting, you may use the quick and easy search tool below to see which domain names are available.

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